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Forever & Always
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A Joe Jonas/Taylor Swift Community
★ about the community
This community is dedicated to the pairing and past relationship of Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. Although both of them are not in a relationship with each other anymore, we here in the community would like to celebrate the awesomeness that is of Joe and Taylor.
★ about joe, taylor and joe/taylor
Rumours have been going around that Joe Jonas was dating Taylor Swift. Both denied the claims for months, until the day when Taylor went public about her and Joe's relationship by telling the media that he dumped her through a phone call which lasted for no more than 30 seconds. Although the Joe/Taylor chapter has been closed, there is still a flicker of hope seeing as these two are still young and have their whole lives ahead of them.

joe jonas
Lead vocalist and 1/3 of the successful Jonas Brothers, Joseph Adam Jonas is a hit with the ladies with his wavy locks, soft brown eyes, killer smile, awesome sense of humour and charming personality. Many thought that Joe would end up with the wildest girls, but it was surprising when word has gotten around that country darling Taylor Swift has caught his eye.

taylor swift
Dubbed the Princess of Country, Taylor Alison Swift has it all: Good looks, an angelic voice and an album that sold like hot cakes. Earlier this year, she became the envy of every girl in the world when news of her dating Joe Jonas got out. Unfortunately, even Taylor Swift could not hold on to Joe for too long, as the song Forever And Always is written about the middle Jonas brother.
★ rules
1. Post anything you want here: Graphics, fan fics, news, pictures, ANYTHING! The only condition is that it must be related to Joe and/or Taylor.

2. NO BASHING OF ANY KIND. No bashing on "Joe is a jerk for dumping Taylor through the phone", "Taylor is a bitch", Kevin and Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, etc. C'mon, people. We're here for the Joe/Taylor love! Here, things like "Team Joe" and "Team Taylor" does not exist.

3. Please use an LJ cut; it's your best friend! Use it if the picture you're posting is too big, if you're posting more than 3 icons, if the post is too long and anything else that requires you to use it.

4. Promoting of your own communities is allowed, as long as it is related to Joe and/or Taylor.

5. BE NICE. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Short and simple. If you have something against a member, please take it somewhere else.

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